World is flat questions 2

World Is Flat Questions Set 2

Question #1: The second chapter outlines “Ten Forces That Flattened the World,” ranging from the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, to the open-source software movement. In what way did politics influence entrepreneurship in the 1990s? What psychological impact did November 9 have on the world, particularly when paired with new means for global communication?
-well in the destruction of the Berlin Wall gave opportunity to different cultures and slowly started it world wide. Instead of separation of cultures, different race, and different life styles, it gave the ability to strenghten as a whole. To let our differences make us stronger.

Question #2: Freidman points out that with the second flattener of internet and global communications many positive connections are made. What are some of these connections? How has your life been affected by the development of the Internet? Are there any negative effects?
-well with the advances of technology we can stay connected with current events of other countries as well as individuals. Life with the Internet has been made simpler but in a way it’s taking away our social skills. Everything now is done using technology and rarely allow us to use them.

 -Chris Martin


Escape From Camp 14

Before watching the video, I was aware that North Korea is a very isolated country that literally keeps its people away from any of the outside world. Also the reason America will not try to help the Korean people is because North Korea has access to nuclear weapons. One thing that I really wanted to know was how the soldiers escaped from North Korea. Also I would like to know why the soldiers wanted to escape, even though they have the best job possible in their country. One thing I learned is that in those camps, people are brutally touted for no reason. Also they were given little food, are poor housing conditions. The worst part about these camps is that most of the people there have never did anything bad in there whole life. They were put there because of the actions of one of their family members. I believe that North Korea needs help with its different ways, and if no one gains the ability to help them North Korea will slowly fall off of the map.

North Korea video

I didn’t really see much of the video, but what I thought was surprising was the way they gave praise to their general. They worship him as more of a godly figure than they do as just a normal person. They believe he holds these abilities to give sight to the blind and who knows what else they believe he can do. Though I wonder, what are the means of this worship. Do they truly believe in this general to hold these remarkable abilities and give praise to him freely? Or do the merely fear the unknown that would be brought by believing otherwise? Fear can consume many and make them believe anything. As far as if the United States should involve themselves with North Korea? I have to disagree. We have to many problems as it is coming out of our previous war. I think we should take note of their threats but prepare instead of trying to go to war on terms that are not our own.

Chris Martin

North Korea Video

North Korea seems to be a very isolated community. I was surprised to see in the video that everyone in that area worships the “Great General” as if he is a god. There is no understanding if they are worshiping him like this out of true terror or if there is actual faith in their worshiping. As there are many interesting things I would like to know about North Korea, the main thing I would like to know is how do government officials in North Korea keep there citizens so isolated to the point where most of them do not know that man has walked on the moon? That may be very interesting. Also, I believe that the United States should not get involved with North Korea due to the fact that they have access to nuclear weapons. If the United States tried to get involved with North Korea, they could simply turn against us and use lethal force towards the US. Although North Koreans do need help, it is not the United States job to get involved with that communities personal issues.

John McCullough