North Korea Video

North Korea seems to be a very isolated community. I was surprised to see in the video that everyone in that area worships the “Great General” as if he is a god. There is no understanding if they are worshiping him like this out of true terror or if there is actual faith in their worshiping. As there are many interesting things I would like to know about North Korea, the main thing I would like to know is how do government officials in North Korea keep there citizens so isolated to the point where most of them do not know that man has walked on the moon? That may be very interesting. Also, I believe that the United States should not get involved with North Korea due to the fact that they have access to nuclear weapons. If the United States tried to get involved with North Korea, they could simply turn against us and use lethal force towards the US. Although North Koreans do need help, it is not the United States job to get involved with that communities personal issues.

John McCullough


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