Escape From Camp 14

Before watching the video, I was aware that North Korea is a very isolated country that literally keeps its people away from any of the outside world. Also the reason America will not try to help the Korean people is because North Korea has access to nuclear weapons. One thing that I really wanted to know was how the soldiers escaped from North Korea. Also I would like to know why the soldiers wanted to escape, even though they have the best job possible in their country. One thing I learned is that in those camps, people are brutally touted for no reason. Also they were given little food, are poor housing conditions. The worst part about these camps is that most of the people there have never did anything bad in there whole life. They were put there because of the actions of one of their family members. I believe that North Korea needs help with its different ways, and if no one gains the ability to help them North Korea will slowly fall off of the map.


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