World is flat questions 2

World Is Flat Questions Set 2

Question #1: The second chapter outlines “Ten Forces That Flattened the World,” ranging from the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, to the open-source software movement. In what way did politics influence entrepreneurship in the 1990s? What psychological impact did November 9 have on the world, particularly when paired with new means for global communication?
-well in the destruction of the Berlin Wall gave opportunity to different cultures and slowly started it world wide. Instead of separation of cultures, different race, and different life styles, it gave the ability to strenghten as a whole. To let our differences make us stronger.

Question #2: Freidman points out that with the second flattener of internet and global communications many positive connections are made. What are some of these connections? How has your life been affected by the development of the Internet? Are there any negative effects?
-well with the advances of technology we can stay connected with current events of other countries as well as individuals. Life with the Internet has been made simpler but in a way it’s taking away our social skills. Everything now is done using technology and rarely allow us to use them.

 -Chris Martin


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