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American Law
American has one of the most unique government systems in the world. Although many things change in the world, America has had the same legal system for many years. Because this system has been used for so long, it has become very strong in leading the United States of America. Throughout the essay, I will be explaining the basics of how the law of America works, and how the people of America play a role in it.

In America, the first permanent laws were created in 1787. These laws are known as the United States Constitution. Although these laws have been altered and changed over many years, the basics of the constitution have still been followed over hundreds of years. The constitution consists of many rules and regulations that we would find commonly necessary to live in a stable environment. These laws are what have helped hold our country together today.

Law is changed quite easily in the United States. If there happens to be a law that doesn’t work out very well, or just seems to be unconstitutional, it can be vetoed or removed. To have a law removed or changed, the most power government officials take a vote on whether the law is good or not. If the law is voted to be good then it stays, but if not then the law is removed. In other cases, there are sometimes laws that are added to the laws. For this to happen, the law has to go through the three branches of the government to be passed. If the law is passed by all the three branches, then it will be added to the number of laws already created. This is how laws are changed in the United States.

Because the United States is currently a Democracy, the people of this country do have a say in how things are ran in the government. Although the people do have a say so in the government, it really is not that much. The main thing that people have a say so over in the government is who they elected to run the country. Every four years, there is an electoral vote held to find the next leader of the United States. Because the citizens only vote for the leader, they do not make the decisions that the president does.

The United States government is one of the most unique types of government in the world. Although there are many countries that do not believe in our government, the United States is working fiercly trying to convince and convert other allies of the world towards democracy. As this is a very large mission, it may take a while before the goal is achieved, if it is possible. Law and order is an important part of our world, and without it the world would not be the same today.

John McCullough


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